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If you have any questions about the ticket ordering process, event information, etc, you can read some of our frequently asked questions along with answers.

  • Is it safe to buy tickets on your site?
    Answer: Yes. Our online checkout is constantly monitored by ControlScan for vulnerability issues and your information is always kept private and secure. Additionally, Tennis Tickets Today has been in the ticket industry for over 8 years. We are proud to be affiliated with top ticket brokers throughout the country. Lastly, all our ticket orders are backed by a 100% Ticket Guarantee which means you will get fully refunded if the event is cancelled, you will receive the exact seats you ordered, the tickets will arrive in time for the event and the seats will be side by side unless otherwise noted.
  • Where do you get all your tickets that are for sale on the site?
    Answer: Good question! We network with hundreds of reputable brokers to offer the largest selection of tickets anywhere online. Your order is processed and your tickets are usually shipped within 1 business day of your order. Some of our tickets come from the box office, promoters, fans, season ticket holders, etc.
  • What is your return policy?
    Answer: All sales are final, however, if the event is canceled, the tickets can be fully refunded. If the event is postponed, the tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date. We may also issue refunds or exchanges if the tickets received differ from the tickets ordered. This is done on a case by case basis and in some rare cases, similar or better tickets are issued if the exact seats become unavailable (sold to someone else at the same time), but again, this is very rare.
  • Who operates Tennis Tickets Today?
    Answer: Tennis Tickets Today is operated by a team of ticket specialists that also enjoy and are versed in professional tennis tournaments. Together, we build, maintain, run and operate the website, fulfill orders, handle customer service and run the operations of the business.
  • How long will it take to get my tickets?
    Answer: Depending on your shipping selection, you may get the tickets next business day, within 2 business days or when the tickets are released (sometimes the tickets will have a note that says when the tickets will be shipped). All physical tickets (not E-Tickets) are mailed with Fed Ex and can be mailed internationally, next business day, 2-day delivery and Saturday delivery.
  • If I want to place an order for multiple events, can I place 1 order?
    Answer: No, sadly we have not completed the phase of the checkout that allows for tickets for multiple events to be ordered at the same time. This is partly due to the fact that tickets might be shipping from multiple offices and shipping cannot be combined. We hope to have this feature in the near future.
  • Can I order tickets on the phone?
    Answer: Yes, you can call our customer support line and they can assist you with questions and orders. Please call 888-546-8339.
  • What do I do if there is a problem with my order?
    Answer: As soon as possible, call the phone number listed on the receipt you receive in your email. The contact information (email address and phone number) for the broker sending the tickets will be available on the receipt.
  • How do I know that I will actually get my tickets?
    Answer: Tennis Tickets Today is a legitimate business that strives for customer satisfaction. We are a USA based company and abide by all local, state and federal laws in terms of retail and ticketing laws. We ensure that your tickets are sent out because we do not want unhappy customers. Our philosophy is to ensure great customer experiences so customers feel comfortable returning to us for future business. As a member of our network of brokers and ticket companies, we also have an obligation to them to fulfill all orders placed. Basically, if we want to remain in business, we must fulfill our commitment to you, the customer.
  • How long have you been selling tickets?
    Answer: opened in 2010 but we have been selling tennis tickets online long before that. All together, we have been selling tickets to events such as the US Open since 2005.
  • What types of tickets do you have for sale?
    Answer: We have tickets for events such as the Grand Slam events (US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open), the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Sony Open and much, much more. For each event that we have tickets for, we have a wide variety of tickets available. Example: For a US Open session, we have tickets in the lower section, upper section, courtside, ends of the court, mezzanine, loge, box seats, vip seats, cheap seats and so on. We also have club passes, parking passes and grounds passes available. So it's easy to say, it can vary depending on the event but we typically have a large selection of tickets for each event.
  • The event is tomorrow (or today). Can I still get tickets?
    Answer: YES! If you see tickets for sale on our site the day of the event or the day before the event, you can purchase the tickets and after completion of the checkout, a customer representative will contact you (most likely by phone) and let you know if local pickup near or at the venue is an option. Also, E-Tickets might be a good option if available so you can simply print your tickets at home and be on your way. If you purchase tickets that cannot be delivered, your order will not be charged and we will help you find tickets that are available for immediate delivery / pickup.
  • Are there any other methods of payment besides credit cards?
    Answer: No, our checkout is designed to prevent fraudulent orders and that requires customers to use a valid credit card which has your billing address associated with it. You must verify your payment information by entering your correct billing address. We would like to accept other forms of payment, but as of right now, credit cards are the best way for us to protect against fraudulent orders.
  • I enjoyed doing business with you (or your site, or the event)... how can I share my gratitude?
    Answer: We're glad you had an exceptional experience with and at your event. The best way to submit your gratitude is by sharing your experience with a friend or liking/following us on our social networks. Click to Like us on Facebook. Click to Follow us on Twitter. Click to Follow us on Google+. You can also email us a testimonial at: tennisticketking [at] (remove the spaces and replace [at] with @).
  • What other kinds of tickets do you sell?
    Answer: Actually, our site may not display such events, but we have tickets for thousands of sporting events and concerts. These are accessible by using the search bar located at the top of the page. Example, search for "New York Yankees" and you will see a list of all the Yankees games that are available along with tickets and seating charts. The same for concerts; enter your favorite band, singer or musician and see what dates and venues are available.
  • Why should I buy tickets from
    Answer: If you're a tennis fan or you are buying tickets for a tennis fan in your life, we are a tennis ticket website devoted to the sale of tennis tickets. We have a specific, focused direction and we do not complicate our site by adding things that are irrelevant to tennis. We are committed to customer service and satisfaction. We're here to help you if you have any problems. We guarantee our ticket orders and our checkout process is 100% safe and secure. If those reasons aren't enough, we are highly competitive with our prices and always monitor the competition to make sure that our prices are among the best!
  • What happens if I lose my tickets or they are stolen?
    Answer: Hard (paper) tickets likely cannot be replaced as they are unique items. E-Tickets may be reissued or re-printed if you lose your tickets. If you have further questions about lost or stolen tickets, you should contact the customer support number on your receipt and you can also try talking to the venue box office. If you feel that your tickets were stolen you might consider calling the local authorities although it is not likely that your tickets will be replaced.
  • Can I sell my tickets to / Will you buy my tickets?
    Answer: We get this question a lot and we typically do not purchase tickets from fans but we might if the circumstances are right. We need an ample amount of time to sell the tickets so if the event is within 2 months, we will typically not purchase the tickets. We will also determine the location of the seats to determine if the seats are desired seats or not. Also, we will take into account how well tickets are selling for that particular event, how many tickets remain in our inventory and the cost for the seats. If we determine that we would be likely to sell the tickets, we may purchase them from you or list them as consignment. This is a case by case basis and we turn down approximately 90% of offers. You would need to mail the tickets before we can issue tickets to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the tickets. Please email requests to: tennisticketking [at] (remove the spaces and replace [at] with @).
  • I want to order a certain quantity of tickets but I cannot select the number I want. Why?
    Answer: We group quantities to eliminate the chances of having single tickets remaining. Example: If there are 3 tickets for sale together, you can either buy 1 ticket or 3 tickets because if you bought 2, only 1 ticket would be left in inventory and it is much harder to sell single tickets. Same would be the case for groups of 4 tickets, you can either buy 1, 2 or 4 so there are no single tickets remaining. Some groups of tickets can only be sold in complete groups and the ticket notes will indicate this.
  • Alright, I have read all these questions and answers and I still have a question or concern. What now?
    Answer: Wow, you must have a really specific question! That's a good thing, we like our potential and existing customers to be vested in their ticket purchases. We have a page which outlines all of our policies and disclaimers which might help you with more in depth questions regarding legal topics and related items. That page can be found here: Policies / Disclaimer. You can also call one of our customer service specialists at 888-546-8339.

Thank you for inquiring about Tennis Tickets Today and we look forward to helping you find the ideal tennis tickets!

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Tennis Tickets Today FAQ
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